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Abundant Love

“For their sake he remembered his covenant and relented according to the abundance of his steadfast love” (Psalm 106:45).

Much of this Psalm recounts the unfaithfulness of the people in Israel’s history and the enduring mercy of God in spite of all. God rescued His people time and again, though they continually fell into sin (v.43). But, in spite of all their rebellion, God’s mercy continued; in compassion, He listened to their pleas (v.44). God is the covenant-keeping God, who remains faithful and loving, even to sinners gone time and again astray.

Hope in God’s steadfast love. His mercy continues, in spite of our failures, rebellion, and sin; this reality is not a reason to treat sin lightly, but a call to always return to Him. The love of God reaches down to us wherever we are, and those who will receive find the wonderful promises of the heavenly Father.

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