Arise, O God

“Arise, O God, judge the earth; for you shall inherit all the nations!” (Psalm 82:8). The 82nd psalm is very short, a focused condemnation of the wicked powers of the earth, and appeal to the God of justice. The Lord’s supremacy in judgment (v.1) casts the searching light of holiness on the corrupt courts of the world (v.2), so rulers are exhorted to judge justly (vv.3-4). But the culpable ignorance of worldly judges (v.5) will be to their undoing and destruction (vv.6-7). The final verse, verse 8, calls upon God to bring justice to His world.

We can rely on God to put things right. Justice in this world is often missing, but God will remedy all the failures of human justice at the last day. Entrust yourself to Him, and follow Christ. The Lord shall save and redeem, renew and restore, by His might and in His wisdom, at His time. We can trust Him always.

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