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Delight in Him

“Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them. Full of splendor and majesty is his work, and his righteousness endures forever” (Psalm 111:2-3, ESV).

Psalm 111 raises a chorus of praise, reflecting on God’s wonderful deeds. The psalmist begins by declaring his intention to glorify God (v.1), and focuses on what He has done, God’s glorious power and His kindness to His people. Consider creation and the beauty, complexity, and order of what God has made; consider redemption, and the holy-love of God’s saving work. The Lord is worthy of the highest praise.

Delight in the works of the Lord. The cares and burdens, the worries and hurts of our days tend to absorb all our focus and make us forget the beauties of creation and the wonders of redemption. But when we take time to think on what God has done, it helps us to better grasp the present and keep our hope for the future. Worship turns the focus of life where it should be—on God, the hope and joy of all who know Him.

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