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Earth Trembles

“May the glory of the LORD endure forever; may the LORD rejoice in his works, who looks on the earth and it trembles, who touches the mountains and they smoke!” (Psalm 104:31-32, ESV).

After all the reflections on the wonders of God’s work in creation, the psalm returns to praise, proclaiming the glory of the Lord. This blessing affirms God’s grandeur, and goes on to declare His utter mastery over His works. His awesome power is displayed in the shaking of the earth before Him, His wondrous presence in fire and cloud and the smoking mountains.

Worship the Lord, in the strength of His arm and the marvel of His wisdom. Remember that all this world is His, and all things are in His hand. Turn your thoughts to the goodness of God in every trouble—His delight in His creation, His compassion on His works, His power to save and restore.

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