Enthroned Forever

“But you, O LORD, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations” (Psalm 102:12, ESV).

This verse comes towards the middle of the 102nd psalm, and provides the basis for hope against futility and despair. The psalm is a plea for God’s merciful deliverance (vv.1-2), and gives a long description of the sufferings of a man oppressed and under judgment (vv.3-11). Then comes this reminder that though we are temporary, God is eternal. He is the source of hope for all who suffer, for His mercy endures.

In every time of suffering or trial, look to the enduring love of God. We are small, but God is great; He is able to save and redeem. Though life may take us in unexpected directions, we are never outside the providential care of our Heavenly Father, the King enthroned forever, Lord of all.

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