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Ever Singing

“Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise!” (Psalm 84:4, ESV). The sons of Korah continue to extol the wonder of God’s presence. The longing for God (vv.1-2) is charmingly related to the animal world (v.3), for God is the Lord of all life, and cares for all His creation. Verse four expresses the goodness of being near to God and of worshipping Him. For this we were made, and in this we find the joy of fulfillment.

Worship the Lord, who is worthy of all honor and praise. May you find in your days, in the midst of life with all its cares and tasks and busyness, the remembrance to lift up your heart in worship. Life with God is the lasting reward of His people, but also a reality that we can enjoy now, as we walk with Him through this life.

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