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Glory in His Holy Name

“Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice!” (Psalm 105:3, ESV).

Psalm 105 continues the enthusiastic praise of the previous psalm, beginning with an emphasis on gratitude, worship, and joy. That grouping of themes is significant: it reminds us that hope and happiness are found in the sovereign greatness of our God. His mighty works call for praise, and give confidence to His people in the face of whatever hardships or dangers life may bring.

God is great, worthy of all honor and praise.If our hope and joy are found in Christ, then our hope is certain and we can greatly rejoice, because God is infinitely great and the triumph of all His purposes utterly certain.Let the Lord be your rock amid the chaotic uncertainties and troubles of this life.Let us learn, in the midst of struggle and sorrow, to ‘glory in His holy name.’

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