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God My King

“Yet God my King is from of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth” (Psalm 74:12, ESV). In Psalm 74, God seems absent, as though He had abandoned His people (vv.1-2). The enemy has ruined the temple, the place of the covenant (vv.3-7), and other sites of their relationship with God (v.8). God is silent, leaving the people without hope (v.9). The psalmist cries out to the Lord to not allow the wicked to freely trample His people (vv.10-11). Then come these words of faithful confidence; God remains God, the Ruler and Redeemer (v.12).

Keep faith in God, when darkness surrounds you. Keep hope, when wrong seems so strong and truth is trampled. God is still God. The Lord cannot be defeated, and His people need not fear—however things may look for a time. God will protect His children, and bring them safely home.

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