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God Who Avenges

“The LORD is a God who avenges. O God who avenges, shine forth” (Psalm 94:1, ESV). Psalm 94 brings warning to the wicked and comfort to the afflicted. From the very beginning, God’s role as the judge of the arrogant evil is pronounced. In this world, the powerful think to oppress others with impunity (vv.3-7); but they should awaken to the reality of God’s all-seeing justice (vv.8-11). In His time, God will pass just sentence against wicked oppressors, and they will know the judgment of the Almighty (v.23).

Entrust yourself to the Lord when you are wronged and mistreated. God cares for the downcast and oppressed, and He will be their defender. This age of injustice is temporary; a reckoning is coming. Our care should be to seek the Lord and intercede for others so that they, too, may find His mercy and forgiveness. If we place our confidence in Him, we know that joy will come in the end.

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