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He Lifts Up the Needy

“He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes, with the princes of his people” (Psalm 113:7-8, ESV).

In this psalm of praise, the focus on the glory of the Lord turns now to His sovereign mercy towards the needy. God cares for the poor and oppressed; the Great King will deal mercifully with those who call out to Him, no matter what the mighty of this world may do. Ultimate vindication lies with God.

Entrust yourself to the Lord. He is able, in every situation, to protect and provide for those who rely on Him. He is able to strengthen us and bring us through whatever He allows us to endure. His promises are good, and they reach beyond the sorrows and sufferings of this life, to a kingdom of peace and righteousness to come.

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