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Light is Sown

“Light is sown for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart” (Psalm 97:11, ESV).

The conclusion of this psalm ties together the sovereignty of God and the blessings He pours out upon His people. Verse 10 calls His people to hold fast to their King, knowing that He is able to save them from the power of evil men. Verse 12 finishes the psalm with a summons to worship, that the righteous ones should praise the Holy One. Between sounds this note of promise, that those who follow God will know the blessings of His grace.

Follow God and hold fast to your hope; the Lord is faithful to all His promises, and gracious to all who turn to Him. When shadows fall on your way, look forward to the light of God’s deliverance. When sorrows weigh on your heart, keep courage and the promise of joy to come. May the steadfast love of the Lord be your confidence and strength in every day, in every circumstance.

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