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Love and Justice

“I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will make music” (Psalm 101:1, ESV).

Psalm 101 begins with these words of praise, glorifying God for His faithfulness, in the twin virtues of “steadfast love and justice”. In our weakness, troubles, sins and failures, we lean upon the enduring mercy of God; in the face of wickedness that seems so strong and treads upon the vulnerable, we cry out for the justice of God. Righteous and merciful, He will put all things right, at time of His wise determination.

Rejoice in the Father’s faithfulness. We can turn to Him at all times, for His love persists and reaches out to us in every situation. We can hold onto hope in every situation, because the justice of God endures and will come in its fulness, bringing a reckoning on the evildoers who oppress in this life, but will one day face the holy Judge. Step forward in faith, and praise the God of all hope.

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