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My Portion

“The LORD is my portion; I promise to keep your words” (Psalm 119:57, ESV).

In another verse of resolution, the Psalmist vows to honor the word of the Lord. But this is preceded by a statement of God’s centrality and sufficiency: “The LORD is my portion”. His hopes are found in God; so obedience is connected with the fulness that only God can give to His servant. Satisfaction in God moves us to obedience.

May the Lord be your portion and joy. Obedience is hard when we focus on ourselves; holiness is burdensome when God is not our desire. But when we turn to Christ and fix our souls upon Him, we find the longing for God’s truth, God’s ways, God’s will, and God’s word. Nothing on earth can satisfy. But God is infinitely satisfying to those who draw near to Him.

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