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My Portion

“I cry to you, O LORD; I say, ‘You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living’” (Psalm 142:5, ESV).

In another brief psalm, David looks to God for deliverance in time of trouble. He begins by setting the tone, and we can read the earnest, almost desperate sense in the poetic repetition of the first two verses where he describes his calling upon the Lord. But God is able to guide him, even when enemies attempt to trap him (vv.3-4). God is his hope in the midst of danger (vv.5-7). The double description in this fifth verse captures our attention: God is a refuge, and the “portion” of His servant. He is safety, and He is sufficient for us. When we look to God, we have chosen better than when we seek safety and fulfillment from the world.

We have an unshakable hope and source of strength if God is our portion in this life—and in the life to come. Whatever loss or suffering comes our way, He is more than enough to sustain and protect us, to guide and shelter us, to fill us with hope and peace. If we can say, “God is my portion in this world”, we are rich indeed.

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