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Out of Darkness

“He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and burst their bonds apart” (Psalm 107:14, ESV).

In this portion of Psalm 107, the psalmist reflects on God’s mercy to those who had suffered for their sinful rebellion (vv.10-11). Even though sorrow and captivity was due to their own sin, God had compassion on them (v.13). His deliverance is the passage from death to life, from slavery to freedom. In every situation, God is loving and kind, and able to save those who cry to Him.

May God be your hope in darkness, your comfort in sorrow, your strength in times of weakness. May His compassion be your hope, and His power your confidence. Even when suffering is the consequence of our own sin or folly, God cares for those who call to Him. The surest hope is a swift return to our Maker and Savior, Father and Friend—the Lord God Almighty.

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