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Strengthened with His Word

“My soul melts away for sorrow; strengthen me according to your word!” (Psalm 119:28, ESV).

Declaring the goodness of God’s word is not only an objective proclamation of the truth, but also a reminder of the great comfort that has been given us. The psalmist explores the different states of mind in which we may approach God’s teaching, from the joy of fulfillment (v.14) to the desperation of crushing grief (v.28). God’s people hold fast to His words, in satisfaction and in sorrow.

When you are burdened with sorrow, may you turn to God and the strength of His word. May Christ be your enduring hope, and the Scriptures your consolation. Our lives take many twists and turns, but God is with us, God is constant, and in the faithfulness of God we have unfailing hope.

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