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The Great King

“O God, do not keep silence; do not hold your peace or be still, O God!” (Psalm 83:1, ESV). Psalm 83 calls on God to execute justice upon the wicked. Beginning with this plea for God to act, it describes the conspiring array of enemies of God’s people (vv.2-8), and exhorts God to bring about their destruction (vv.9-17). This may seem vindictive, but the end concern is God’s honor—that His enemies should be forced to recognize the sovereignty of Almighty God.

Focus your hope upon the Lord. Though wickedness and deceit may threaten to engulf the vulnerable, God is still sovereign. The great King will bring justice to an unjust world; the Prince of Peace will restore peace to a world in turmoil. God’s people can rely on Him, through all the shifting chaos of this life.

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