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To Be Feared

“But you, you are to be feared! Who can stand before you when once your anger is roused?” (Psalm 76:7, ESV). Psalm 76 declares the might and victory of God. It begins rejoicing in the Lord and His dwelling with His people (vv.1-2), then moves to speak of God’s victory over the powers of the world (vv.3-9), and finishes with an exhortation that people will heed the God of victory (vv.10-12). Thus, verse 7 may at first seem odd and not very encouraging, but it should be understood as the confident word of the Lord’s servant: God will be victorious.

Weather the trials of this life in good hope, confident of the victory of God. Draw near to the Lord, whose victory is utterly assured, and do not envy or fear the wicked. In His time, God will put all things right, and will confirm forever the joy of His children.

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