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To the Heavens

“Your righteousness, O God, reaches the high heavens. You who have done great things, O God, who is like you?” (Psalm 71:19, ESV). Psalm 71 sustains a plea for God’s deliverance against the threat of enemies. From the initial call upon God, who is the psalmist’s stronghold (v.3), he reflects on the long history of God’s faithfulness towards him (vv.5-6), and calls on the Lord to sustain His mercies (v.9). As usual, this is a confident, though earnest, plea; the psalmist maintains the faithfulness of the Lord (vv.14-16). So, even in the place of supplication, the greatness of God is proclaimed (v.19).

How great and good is the Lord Almighty! His righteousness is beyond the grasp of our expression, or even our comprehension. He is the incomparable One, the Savior of all who put their trust in Him. Reflect on who God is, and on His saving work—and trust in Him. God has shown His power and love, His greatness and grace. Call on Him, rely on Him, as you journey on His path.

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