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Turn to Me

“Answer me, O LORD, for your steadfast love is good; according to your abundant mercy, turn to me” (Psalm 69:16, ESV). This psalm of David offers a desperate plea for God’s salvation, beginning with the image of being nearly inundated beneath waters that threaten to overwhelm (vv.1-2). David has worn himself out calling upon God (v.3), and his enemies are many (v.4). He doesn’t pretend to be guiltless (v.5), and after giving various details, he rests his hope in the enduring love of God (vv.13, 16). God’s mercy is the hope of His people.

Hope in the steadfast love of the Lord. His mercy abounds towards all who call upon Him, and He is strong to deliver from all danger and to cleanse from all sin. The journey of faith is a continual exercise of trust in God our Savior; keep your eyes fixed on Him, day by day.

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