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Very Great

“Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, you are very great!” (Psalm 104:1, ESV).

The 104th psalm begins with exuberant praise to God. The psalmist calls upon his own heart to echo the glories of the Lord, especially expressed in His lordship over creation. Often praise is directed to God in gratitude for His mercy and compassion, His saving work for us; but, in cases like this, the focus is purely on God Himself and His utter worthiness. God is very great, and worthy of all worship and praise.

Declare the greatness of God; make His glory your delight. In worship, we get to turn from the dark and difficult realities we face to the brilliant and unchanging reality of the God to whom we belong. In His power we find strength; in His wisdom, we find clarity; in His love, we find hope. No matter what turns this life takes, God is constant, and incomparably wonderful. May He be your joy today.

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