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Whatever He Pleases

“Whatever the LORD pleases, he does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps” (Psalm 135:6, ESV).

This psalm of praise glorifies God for His utter sovereignty and His glorious deeds of deliverance for His people. Let His people praise Him (vv.1-2) for His worthiness (v.3) and His gracious calling of a people for Himself (v.4). None of the supposed gods of the world can compare to Him (v.5; indeed, the idols of this world are powerless, vv.15-18). Verse 6 highlights the contrast of God with false gods by emphasizing His absolute power: God does whatever He wants to do.

What comfort can be found by delighting in God’s unchallenged might! We can know that every trial and obstacle is in His hands; that every burden His children bear is temporary; that every enemy of God will be overthrown at the Lord’s chosen time. We wait with the patience of faith and the certainty of hope for the promises of God, knowing that He is able to do all things.

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