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Sunday Morning
Small Groups

Babies and Ones (Both Services) Room 111

At CBC we believe it's never too early to teach the love of God.  During both services, we have dedicated nursery workers who show the love of God to our precious little ones.

2-3 Years Old (Both Services) Room 117

Our Sunday morning childcare is more then simply babysitting.  Your little ones will be cared for by Christian teachers who, through crafts, teaching, and song, will spend time introducing the children to God.

4-5 Years Old (Both Services) Room 119

Our children are introduced to elements of our Christian faith through bible study, fellowship, and worship.  For all of our children Sunday schools, children are free to stay for 1 or 2 services.

1st & 2nd Grade (9am Service) Room 215

During the first service, our 1st & 2nd graders have a seperate class dedicated to them where they study God's Word using Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway.

3rd thru 6th Grade (9am Service) Room 218

During the first service, the 3rd thru 6th graders continue the Bible Studies for Life study in a setting geared towards them.

Median Adults (9am Service) Room 224

Join teacher Richard Hay and other adults as they study God's Word together and encourage one another in ways to apply it to this life.

Senior Adults (9am Service) Conference Room

As a Senior Adult, if you are looking for a class of peers to dive deep into God's Word then join teacher Danny Parkinson during the first service for bible study.

Women (9am Service) Room 156

Join Sara McGartland and the Women's small group each week as they edify and encourage one another in their faith and journey.

Elevate Kids (1st-4th 10:15am Service) Room 221

During our second worship service, kids will enjoy Elevate worship as a larger group.  Curriculum is different each hour allowing kids to stay in bible study both hours if desired.

Forged Kids (5th-6th 10:15am Service) Room 217

Our older kids worship in Forged Kids.  Like other kids small groups, each service offers a different learning experience so that kids are able to stay for two hours if necessary.

Ignite SM (7th-12th 10:15am Service) Pratt Hall

Students of Ignites Student Ministry attend the 9am worship service together and then meet at 10:15am for bible study in Pratt Hall. After a bit of fellowship, Sr. and Jr. split up to study God's Word.

Young Adults (10:15am Service) Room 224

Young Adults can join teacher Matt Wease and his small group to study God's Word together and help encourage one another in their faith walks.

Median Adults (10:15am Service) Room 210

CBC offers another adult class second service lead by teacher Bill Spires.  There are adult classes offered during each service so that everyone has the chance to worship and also join a small group.

Adults (10:15am Service) Room 205

Join teacher Carl Rice and his small group community as they use video teachings from Right Now Media to discuss God's Word each week.

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