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As believers in Jesus we are part of God's family.  Because we believe Jesus Christ is God's son and our Savior, we have a common commitment to worship God, study His scriptures, and to practice principles that Jesus modeled and taught.  As family we are open to the leadership of God's Holy Spirit for guidance and comfort.  


Welcome Home

At Chatham Baptist we want to welcome everyone home to a new life in Jesus. 

To do this, we strive to foster a loving and inviting culture where anyone can grow closer to Jesus and new friends.


At CBC we encourage talents and abilities to be practiced and shared.  Young persons learning from older persons, affirming the accomplishments of individuals and groups.  All of this and more is important to the CBC family. 


Read the Baptist Faith and Message 


As a church family we go into our communities applying what we learn about the Christian lifestyle.  It is where we meet new friends and invite them to our family of CBC.

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