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Awana is a Bible based clubs for boys and girls ages 3 (by Sept. 1st) thru 6th grade.  All of the clubs consist of 3 parts: game time, Bible lesson, and Handbook time. 

Club Levels:

Cubbies: 3  & 4 year olds

Sparks: 5 yr. olds thru 2nd grade

Truth & Training: 3rd thru 6th grade

At all levels children are required to wear a uniform.  (No child will be denied due to financial need.)  The children are rewarded during the year with seals, patches, or jewels to wear on their uniform.  Also at the 3rd thru 6th grade level, children receive Awana bucks as an incentive to spend at the Awana store.  

At the end of the year children who have finished their handbooks will receive a ribbon or trophy at our award ceremony.  At all levels starting with Sparks, each week there is a team rewarded for high score, points received for games and memory work, with memory work being the most substantial.  

At all levels special events are planned throughout the year.

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