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Committees @ CBC

All church committee members shall be selected by the nominating committee and elected by the church unless otherwise indicated in the description below.  The committee members shall serve on a rotation system.  Every member is invited and expected to exercise their spiritual giftings in service through our various committees.  The following committees shall be elected:

Ad Hoc Committee

An Ad Hoc committees may be selected by the church for specific short term projects.  Ad Hoc members may be selected to assist regular committees on a short term basis.  

Audio-Visual Committee

This committee is responsible for the acquisition and repair of electronic equipment.  This includes microphones, amplifying, wiring and other such needs.

Building Safety and Access Committee

The Building Safety and Access Committee shall be responsible for issuing church keys to those who have a reason to carry a church key.  The committee shall also be responsible for reclaiming keys as circumstances require.  

The committee shall assist the church by coordinating a group of volunteers who will secure the church building and grounds after regularly scheduled church activities and other church gatherings where their assistance would be helpful.

Building Use and Management Committee

The Building Use and Management Committee shall regulate and coordinate the use of the church's facilities with groups and organizations within Chatham Baptist Church and with groups not a part of the church's ministry.  The committee shall administer any fees to outside groups according to a fee schedule approved by the church.

Constitution Committee

This committee is responsible for making recommendations for needed constitutional changes.

Decorating Committee

This committee shall be responsible for color coordination and the aesthetics of the church building and related structures both inside and outside.  During a building construction or remodeling program, this committee shall be a part of any lager decorating committee which shall be selected for that particular project.  Necessary expenditures shall be recommended to the church after consultation with the Stewardship Committee.

Fellowship Committee

This committee shall consist of three persons.  It shall monitor the congregation's need for food and refreshments.  The committee shall facilitate coordination of meeting the need of the congregation for fellowship through arranging meals and table preparation.  They may call upon the congregation for assistance.  

Flower Committee

This committee is responsible for securing, arranging, and disposing of floral arrangement for church services, and the providing of flowers for sick and bereaved members.  

History Committee

The History Committee is to preserve and use the historical records of the church.  The committee is especially concerned with gathering and preserving available church records, recording full and accurate records, and using the records to help members understand and appreciate their heritage and mission.  

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for formulating policies of the kitchen and for communicating these policies to church members.  This committee is to arrange meals for ill and grieving church families.  They may call upon the congregation for assistance.  

Kitchen Committee

The Kitchen Committee shall oversee the use of church kitchens.  The committee shall assume the responsibility for general kitchen management, including organization of utensils, cleaning of appliances and cabinets, monitoring of kitchen supplies, and stocking of dish cloths and other cleaning items.  For all-church activities, the committee shall supervise general cleanup.

The committee shall consist of three persons plus the chairpersons of the Hospitality Committee and the Fellowship Committee.

Acts 1:8 Committee

The Missions Committee seeks to discover possibilities for local mission's projects, shares findings with church program organizations, and serves the church in establishing and conducting such mission's projects as may be assigned.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee, appointed by the Pastor, coordinates the staffing of all church leadership positions that are filled by volunteers.  The nominating committee in consultation with the pastor recommends persons for all volunteer positions to be elected by the church.  

Office Equipment Committee

The Office Equipment Committee shall be responsible for monitoring the church's need for office equipment.  The committee shall make recommendations to the congregation concerning budget needs, purchase or lease of equipment, repairs to existing equipment and other related tasks that involve church office equipment.  

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee assists the church in matters related to employed personnel administration.  Its work includes such areas as staff needs, employment, salaries, benefits, and personnel services.  

Preschool Committee

The Preschool Committee is to coordinate the church's preschool activities  and to help nursery parents and teachers work together.  The committee will see that adequate provisions are made for preschool children each time they are at church.  

Properties Committee

The Properties Committee assists the church in matters related to properties administration.  Its work includes such areas as maintaining all church properties for ready use, recommending policies regarding use of properties, recommending employment of outside maintenance and contractual personnel and it is responsible for the completion of such tasks.  

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is to know and discover the public relations needs to choose the means of communication to those inside and outside the church.  The committee is responsible for discovering what needs to be communicated and to communicate to the proper audience.  

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee develops and recommends an over all stewardship information plan as authorized by the church.  A suggested budget based on projected needs shall be prepared in consultation and submitted to the church for review and/or approval.  

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